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Casting The Show

The Festival's casting needs vary year by year.  Auditions are held June of each year to allow time to communicate and educate new cast members.  Auditions are formally scheduled and publicized.  In addition to the formally scheduled and publicized auditions, the Entertainment Department often arranges individual auditions at the Festival office and carefully reviews formal proposals and video auditions submitted online.  No auditions, proposals, or casting occurs after Festival workshops have started.

Auditions provide the opportunity to try to fulfill the casting needs of the Festival and get a sense of the strengths of an individual.  Therefore the Entertainment Department will work to ensure all performers have had an opportunity to go through the audition process.

While casting decisions are made based on the needs of the show, the Entertainment Department is committed to helping each individual find a role that allows them to feel successful in their support of the Festival, the support of their fellow performers, and meet their personal goals.


  • If your group assignment does not work out for you, let your supervisor or the Entertainment Director know so a new assignment can be made to find the best niche for you and the Festival.
  • Returning veteran performers can change groups or characters for each new season as long as they follow the Festival's re-audition guidelines (below) and complete the Costume and/or Character Change Request Form.  Some veteran cast members may receive a letter at the end of the Festival season requesting that they re-audition.  This letter is sent to cast members who may need additional support which they did not get during the show.  
  • Re-Auditioning Guidelines:
    • Audition the new character at the Festival's annual auditions.  Click here for this year's audition dates, times and location.  
    • During your audition, perform a 2-3 minute prepared bit as your new character.
    • Complete the "Costume / Character Change Request Form" which you can download by clicking here Bring the completed form with you to your audition.

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