Carolina Renaissance Festival

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, FREE Parking, Open Rain or Shine, No Pets Please

Open Saturdays & Sundays, October 3rd - November 22nd, 2015

Care and Feeding

Your participation at the Festival requires physical preparation.  The Festival is an outdoor event and proper costume options aw well as proper care of your body supports your success and keeps you from becoming fatigued.

The time to prepare for the weekends is before Saturday morning.  That means drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep on the days leading up to the weekend.  You cannot "catch up" on Saturday.

Remember to pace yourself.  Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water to help maintain your energy during the day.

Water coolers are provided at all the stages as well as the Participant Break Area.  Please be quiet if you access stages for any reason.  Access to water is important for everyone.  Please take action if you see a cooler is running low on ice and/or water.

Become familiar with and always be mindful of our Care & Feeding Guidelines.

Additionally, Veteran performers are a great resource for ideas to maintain health during the Festival.  Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of ideas available.  Use common sense to guide you to the ideas that will help you.


* Additional online classes are linked under the Workshop & Rehearsal section of the Cast Participation Guide.

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