Carolina Renaissance Festival

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, FREE Parking, Open Rain or Shine, No Pets Please

Open Saturdays & Sundays, October 3rd - November 22nd, 2015

Workshops & Rehearsals

Workshops and rehearsals help us prepare and adapt our skills and talents to the outdoor, immersive performance environment of the Festival.  There is a great deal of information provided at rehearsals for cast members along with opportunities to work in performance groups and a chance to get to know your fellow cast members.

Every attempt is made to arrange a time and location for rehearsals that will enable the largest possible number of cast members to attend.  As our local cast members have a variety of work/school and family obligations, it is difficult to find a time and place convenient for everyone. And please be aware that workshop and rehearsal location often dictates the schedule.

We realize that it can be difficult to attend regularly, however, these programs are for your benefit and can make a great difference in the success of your participation and enjoyment of the Festival.

The Entertainment Department tries to present as much helpful information as workshop and rehearsal time allows.  Still, there is so much more information, therefore we do ask that you make your supervisor aware of anything that may prevent you from participating so that we can disseminate the information you are missing.  And that you actively engage the Festival's Social Media pages (linked further below), this Cast Section of the website, and communicate any questions or concerns to your supervisor.

Workshop Resources:

Songbook Songs Available for Download:

Right Click and Select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to save the songs linked below to your computer for transfer to your MP3 player.  Special thanks to cast members Lee and Marie Arnold for taking the time to record these songs for the Cast.

Additional Resources

  • Accent / Dialect Resources - Audio Recordings

  • The following link leads to a summary of life in Elizabethan London and was written with Renaissance Festival performers in mind. It addresses things we will not have an opportunity to discuss in workshops. While we are not a recreation event and we do not represent England specifically, there is a great deal of interesting information here that will give you an idea of what life was like in the days of yore. As always, feel free to do greater research if you wish - and/or

  • The following is a website for hoopskirts. The nice thing about the hoopskirts on the page is that the hoops are adjustable and, sometimes, removable, which makes washing easy. Avoid the Southern Belle style with ruffles. You are looking for a 4 to 6 hoop skirt. Keep in mind that, if you have the time to look, you can find hoopskirts at thrift stores and second hand shops (especially after the spring wedding season and prom) for a better price considering the wear that you can put on one during the Festival. This is not an endorsement of this particular company as we have never dealt with them and have no comment about quality, reliability, etc. -

Online Workshop Courses

  • Click here to access the Care & Feeding Online Class

  • Click here to access the Care & Feeding Online Quiz (required)

  • Click here to access the Sumptuary Laws Online Class

  • Click here to access the Sumptuary Laws Online Quiz (required)

  • Click here to access the Festival Rules & Regulation Online Class

  • Click here to access the Festival Rules & Regulation Online Quiz (required)

  • Click here to access the Promotions Online Class

  • Click here to access the Promotions Online Quiz (required)

  • Click here to access the Chivalry Online Class

  • Click here to access the Chivalry Online Quiz (required)

  • Click here to access the Social Statuses Class

  • Click here to access the Social Statuses Online Quiz (required)

Bale & Bench Day

Bale & Bench Day occurs on the Saturday preceding opening weekend.  It is a dedicated to putting into place the Village's final preparations.  Setting up decorations, props and furniture, audience seating, and preparing the stages.  Bale & Bench Day is not mandatory.  Volunteer participants receive complimentary admission tickets, lunch, and the opportunity to be the first in the camp grounds for setting up their camp.  It is also an opportunity to bond with your fellow cast members.

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal occurs on the Sunday preceding opening weekend.  It is part of the preparation process and is mandatory for all cast members.  At Dress rehearsal:

  • It is mandatory you attend in your full, completed costume.

  • A professional photographer will be onsite to take group and individual portraits and a cast photo. Photos are made available online for free.

  • You will receive a packet that includes important information, complimentary admission tickets, and your Festival participant ID pass.

  • Your supervisor will lead you and your team in exercieses and activities specific to your Troupe.

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