Carolina Renaissance Festival

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, FREE Parking, Open Rain or Shine, No Pets Please

Open Saturdays & Sundays, October 3rd - November 22nd, 2015

The Carolina Renaissance Festival is
Your Source for Premier Live Entertainment!

  • Over 500 Costumed Characters!
  • 12 Stages of Music, Comedy, and Circus Entertainments!
  • Knights on Horseback Jousting Thrice Daily!
  • Faire Games & Peasant Powered Rides!
  • Vegetable Justice Tomato Tossing!
  • Artisan Demonstrations!
  • Over 100 vendors in the Village Aristsan Marketplace!

(Schedule & Map Updated September of Each Year)

Festival entertainment features the following performers:


The CRAIC Show!

The CRAIC Show is a high energy & wildly entertaining band that brings a sound that is unlike any other!

Irishman Daniel leads this group with roguish vocals, rhythmic mandolin, and intense bagpipes. These pipes are paired up with enchanting Lady Lydia playing harmonizing violin.  The energy & enthusiasm of Cockney mate, Dylan, on percussion is delightfully contagious. Anchoring the band with strong vocals & heavy bass drum is the Nordic beauty, Tonya.  Watching the group switch and interchange instruments throughout the show is something to see, songs are often started on pipes and ended with the entire group on percussions.

Ever-changing and constantly blending styles, The CRAIC Show is always bringing a fresh, high energy blend of World Medieval Music!  Visit for videos, photos, music and more!


The Reelin' Rogues!

The Reelin’ Rogues perform Celtic music with attitude! Consisting of Zach Dean with soaring lead vocals and acoustic guitar, his lady, Giuliana Marie, on her galloping bodhrán and Laura Smith with a fiery fiddle that will ensure your toes are a-tapping, they breath a new life into traditional Celtic songs by melding vocals that will capture your ears and spirit with unique arrangements inspired by their love of old school punk rock and traditional folk music. Visit them at for music, videos and photos!


Recent Addition!
Rick the Hypnotist!

Yes! Hypnosis IS real! And with Rick The Hypnotist it’s pretty darned funny too! Want to ride a rocket ship to the moon? How about winning a million-dollar fishing tournament? Or temporarily forgetting your name? You’re never quite sure what will happen in this uproariously funny hypnosis show! Certified hypnotherapist Rick Stratton takes his volunteers on a journey they’ll never forget!

Recent Addition!
Renaissance Vaudeville with
Snorkel the Dancing Pig!

Comedy, Juggling, and a Trained Pig!  What more could you want!? Rick and Jan wow the crowds with their machete and fire juggling while Snorkel The Pig steals the show with his dancing, bowling, and hoop-jumping prowess. Be sure to attend the Meet & Greet with Snorkel after the show!

Don't Miss!
Bret Blackshear! Comedy & Magic!

He's back!  Bret Blackshear (formerly Blackenshear the Curious) returns to the stage with a solid comedy show featuring magic, comedy, and audience participation!  Suitable for all ages fun!  Bring your spouse, bring your date, bring your mom, bring everybody!  Only three shows daily so make your plan and be sure to catch his act!

Recent Addition!  
The Washing Well Wenches!

They're wet! They're wacky! And they want your laundry! The Washing Well Wenches bring us "good, clean fun and wet, dirty women"! 

Recent Addition!
Roses of the Realm - Music, Comedy & Belly Dance!

Why settle for a single rose when you can have a bouquet??  The beautiful Roses of the Realm belly dancers are accompanied by the live music of the Secondhand Gypsies and the hilarious comedic mayhem of Johnny Kabob - all in one amazing show!  Click here to visit the Roses of the Realm online.

Twig The Fairy's
Woodland Friends

Twig is a curious, lively woodland sprite who embodies childlike innocence and wonder. Her bashful mannerisms and graceful flitting movement create a whimsical space that she warmly invites everyone to share.  Click here to visit Twig's website.

Twig is expecting!  Baby Twig is due at the end of September!  Twig will be quite busy with her new motherly duties and unable to visit Fairhaven this season.  Be sure to visit Twig's Woodland Friends Juniper the Fairy and Veelie the Fairy.

Two Weekends Only! 
SERFS Incorporated!

serfs inc.jpg

The peasants are revolting! Join SERFs, Inc. for songs of protest, revolution, and general disgruntlement. The Great Peasant Revolution has begun!  Frontwoman Lilly Bragg is here to ensure the rabble is properly roused. It's top secret, though--DON'T tell the royalty! 

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