Carolina Renaissance Festival

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, FREE Parking, Open Rain or Shine, No Pets Please

Open Saturdays & Sundays, October 3rd - November 22nd, 2015

Participation Agreements, Rules & Regulations

Each person cast as an individual character will receive a Participation Agreement via email.  Digital agreements sent via email to adults age 18 and older can be electronically accepted by following the instructions in the email.  Digital agreements sent via email to minors under the age of 18 must be printed, signed by a parent or legal guardian, notarized and returned to the Entertainment Office.  All participation agreements are to be submitted no later than September 1st of each Festival season.

Participation Agreements for groups are submitted to the group representative and are subject to the same guidelines listed above.  In addition, group representatives must provide the Entertainment Department with a list of all act members by August 1st of each Festival season.  The list is to include each member's full legal name, address, phone number, email address, number of dates of planned participation, and if the member is over/under the age of 18.

Accepting the Participation Agreement means that you agree to follow the Festival's Rules and Regulations for all participants.  

In addition to those Festival Rules & Regulations for all participants, you also agree to following:

Participant IDs, Camping & Security

  • A Participant ID (pass) is required to access the Festival property and backstage areas.  It is a plastic, credit card-sized photo ID for those who participate 5 or more full weekends during the Festival season.  Plastic Participant IDs are picked up on Dress Rehearsal Day.
  • Those participating less than 5 full weekends are to receive a temporary pass made of paper and dated for each day of their participation.  Temporary passes are picked up at the Information Booth located outside the Festival Front Gate each morning of your participation.  
  • You are responsible to have your Participant ID along with legal identification in your physical possession whenever you are on the Festival property.
  • You must complete and return your Participation Agreement to be eligible for a pass.
  • Photos for the plastic Participant IDs are prepared by the Festival's Registration Department using a special computer system.  There will be multiple opportunities to have your photos taken.  Returning veterans should go through the registration process only if their physical appearance has changed enough to require a new photo or if they wish to register to camp on the property.
  • Your Participant ID comes with responsibilities.  You are expected to abide by the Festival Rules and Regulations as well as applicable local, state and federal laws.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of your Participant ID and termination of your participation.  Further information on Participant IDs can be found in the Festival Rules and Regulations.
  • "Participant Only" signs indicate the gates you may use to access the backstage area from onstage.  Only individuals carrying a valid Participant ID may have access to the backstage area.
  • Rudimentary camping facilities are available for Festival participants only.  Camping requires Festival permission, paperwork and a refundable deposit.  For security reasons, your Participant ID must reflect that you have registered to camp.
  • A camping deposit is required to camp, however, it is 100% refundable for Entertainment Cast so long as your cleared campsite is reviewed / confirmed by the Camp Ground Director at the end of the Festival season.  The Camp Ground Director will stamp your receipt.  KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and turn it into the Festival Office to receive your refund.
  • If you are under the age of 18 and wish to camp, you must either camp with your parents (who also must be participants) or you may camp with an authorized Festival participant over the age of 21.  This requires approval in advance and a completed and notarized Parental Permission for Camping Form.  Guardians must be near their wards once the Festival day is done and they are responsible for the actions of the ward.  Please take this commitment seriously.
  • Please refer to the Festival's Rules & Regulations for further information on camping.

Guest Passes

  • We welcome participants from other Festivals as well as former cast members who are returning for a visit and will provide eligible visitors with a pass so they can join us in entertaining our guests.
  • A guest pass entitles visitors to the same privileges and responsibilities of any full time member of the cast.  These visitors must sign a Volunteer Participation Agreement, follow the Festival Rules & Regulations, and are allowed to register to camp.
  • Guests who prefer to be treated as patrons should purchase a ticket which doesn't allow them access backstage.  Please do not ask for a pass for friends or family who are simply coming to the Festival to watch you perform.
  • Anyone wishing to visit this Festival as a guest performer must notify the Entertainment Office no later than Thursday prior to the weekend the intend to visit.  This ensures that we have time to arrange a Guest Pass with the Registration Department and communicate names to Safety Services.
  • Please do not confuse Complimentary Tickets and Guest Passes as they do not come with the same privileges or responsibilities.

Site Access / Safety Services

  • On a Festival day, expect to show your pass to the Safety Services staff monitoring the various access points.  Safety Services are on a non-facial recognition policy meaning they will always ask to see your pass even if they are your friend or relative. Please cooperate and have your pass ready every time.
  • Safety Services are not in costume.  They wear yellow t-shirts, green pants, Festival logo hats, and they carry a yellow flag with a red cross on a large pole so they can easily be found in a crowd.
  • Safety Services carry radios and are the first stop in an emergency situation. Emergency situations can arise on a Festival day.  It might be a lost child or parent, a patron collapsing due to heat, a bee sting, or injury.  IN any situation, please remain calm and help to keep others calm while you assist with locating a Safety Services person.  Your supervisor also has a radio.  Notify your supervisor of the emergency, and they will in turn make a radio call requesting Safety Services.  If you cannot locate your supervisor, go to the closest food concession booth to ask for a manager or go backstage to any stage and seek the stage crew member on hand.  Explain the situation and ask them to make a radio call requesting Safety Services. Please be brief and specific as to the nature of the emergency and location but take care as to not assume a diagnosis of a medical emergency.

Child Participants on Cast

The Renaissance Festival prides itself on being a family-oriented show and encourages participation by family members when possible.  Child participants and their participating parents or legal guardian are subject to additional Rules and Regulations. Click here to view.

All Minors on Cast

All those under the age of 18 must submit to the Entertainment Department a completed Permission for Emergency Medical Treatment form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Click here to download the form. 

All those under the age of 18 that wish to attend the Festival Cast Party must submit a completed Parental Permission form to the Entertainment Department. Click here to download the form.

Patron Days

A "Patron Day" is when a Festival cast member purposefully does not show up for work at the Festival so that they can attend the Festival as a patron. Click here to download additional Rules & Regulations pertaining to "Patron Days".

Hat Pass and Merchandise Sales

The Festival works hard to carefully control the solicitation of our patrons in an effort to not inadvertently create an off putting experience for them.  Accepting tips and selling merchandise are contracted privileges earned by veteran cast members that have successfully developed characters, a repertoire of bits and/or act.  Cast members without these privileges are not permitted to solicit for tips.  If a patron insists on tipping you, the rule of thumb is to decline 3 times before accepting out concern of offending the patron.  

  • Click here to learn more about the Festival's Hat Pass Guidelines.
  • Click here to learn more about the Festival's Merchandise Guidelines.

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